Ballfighter 25

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A fully aluminum range with a colorful design to make learning easy and fun.

A colorful range to learn tennis the fun and easy way. The aluminum construction makes it lightweight, maneuverable and solid while the Improvergrip (25/23) & Memogrip (21/19/17) systems help the player to hold the racket correctly. Available in 5 sizes according to the child's height: 125-140cm: Ballfighter 25 110-125cm: Ballfighter 23 100-110cm: Ballfighter 21 100-80cm: Ballfighter 19 Up to 80cm: Ballfighter 17

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UK 00
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Stringing instructions
Composition- Weight220 g / 7.8 oz Head size- Balance point-
Length635 mm / 25 in. Flexibility-