X-Act 85 XF

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The best racket to progress faster. It’s sometimes difficult to choose among all high-specs rackets and find the most suitable one. Especially, when you look for comfortable fit and want to progress quickly. For Players who want to empower their forearm

The new X-Act range offers all qualities required to improve all parts of your game:
- Explosive: thanks to a new specific section, the X-Act’s shaft provides fast rebound, thus gives you more explosive flex power.
- Stable: Due to the consistency of the shaft’s inner diameter, the racket offers a more consistent kick point, more precise flex, less uncomfortable vibration, when the shuttle hits: it allows an optimized control, when your forearm is still imprecise.
- Evolutionary: Built with the utmost care and in a robust way, X-Act is an evolutionary racket and will stay on your side, even when your game evolves.
- Comfortable: Light racket that provides good flexibility and return, to empower your shots.
Recommended by coach Wu Di Xi (World champion 1984-1985, women’s doubles)

available sizes

UK 1 2 3
US 1 2 3


Stringing instructions
CompositionGraphite Weight85 g Balance point290 mm Length675 mm